Temporary Exhibition

Against Oblivion (Verdrängt Verfolgt Vergessen)
Jewish Athletes in Berlin before and after 1933

Until 1933, Jews and Non-Jews are members in the same German sports clubs, participate in the same competitions. This ends with the Nazi supremacy in 1933. Only a week after the boykotting of Jewish shops and businesses, on April 1st a law is enacted, in order to evict political adversaries and Jews from the civil service. The eviction of Jewish athletes was already on its way. On April 4th, the German Boxing Assocation expels all Jewish members. Most of the clubs and unions followed suit. At the same time the German communities forbid Jews to use communal sports grounds and institutions. Resistance against and solidarity with the expelled was scarce. Until the pogrom of 1938 Jews could do sports in separate clubs. For many 1933 meant isolation, expulsion, suicide or murder. After 1945 their fate was withheld, as the Germans did not want to be reminded of the Nazi regime or be held responsible for its deeds. The victims were dead and those who had survived were silenced in the face of the prevailing lack of interest. This exhibition commemorates those Jewish athletes from Berlin, who were threatened with death, expelled and more often than not murdered. They shall not fall into oblivion in this city.