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Marianne Bernstein

The twin sisters Marianne and Anneliese Bernstein were born in Königsberg on November 30, 1922. Their father, Franz Bernstein, was a partner in a bank. He committed suicide in 1933.

In the hope of being able to emigrate, the twin sisters moved to Berlin in 1940 and started learning a trade. Anneliese Bernstein trained as a tailor; Marianne Bernstein, who was blind, trained as a brush maker at Otto Weidt’s workshop. Their mother Gertrud was deported in 1942.

The twin sisters decided to go into hiding at the beginning of 1943. At Otto Weidt’s request, Hedwig Porschütz took the twins into her apartment near Alexanderplatz. The twins left this hideout in the summer of 1943 after a Jewish couple hiding in the same house was arrested.

Marianne and Anneliese Bernstein left Berlin and found refuge with various farmers in the Breslau area, pretending to be orphans who had lost their parents in an air raid. Both twins survived the war and emigrated to the USA in 1946. Marianne Bernstein died in 1987.

Marianne Bernstein