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Successful Rescues

Otto Weidt always went to great lengths to protect his Jewish workers from persecution and deportation. As the threat of Nazi persecution grew ever greater and the risk of deportation to the ghettos, murder sites, and death camps in occupied Poland or the occupied parts of the Soviet Union became more and more likely, Otto Weidt began looking for hiding places for some of them.

Otto Weidt found a place for the Licht family at Neanderstraße 12. He gave Inge Deutschkron a factory identity card under a false name, which she used to survive spot-checks. Through Otto Weidt’s intervention, Hedwig Porschütz took the twin sisters Marianne and Anneliese Bernstein into her home near Alexanderplatz. These are just a few of the many things Otto Weidt and his helpers did to save lives.


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