Otto and Else Weidt

Otto Weidt was born on May 2, 1883 in Rostock. His parents were Auguste Weidt, née Grell, and Max Weidt, an upholsterer. The family lived in modest circumstances. Otto Weidt went to the local school and learned his father’s trade. The family moved to Berlin.

Else Nast was born in Breslau on August 15, 1902 as the eldest of four children. Her father was a paver, her mother a factory worker. The family was very poor because her father was unemployed. Else Nast had to support her parents from early on. She worked in a clothes shop.

Otto Weidt and Else Nast met in Berlin in 1931 and married five years later, on September 22, 1936. This was Otto Weidt’s third marriage; he had two sons from his first marriage.

In 1936 Otto Weidt opened a Workshop for the Blind in Kreuzberg in Berlin; Else Weidt worked there with him. Otto Weidt took great risks in trying to help his Jewish workers persecuted by the Nazis; his wife gave him constant support. After Otto Weidt died on December 22, 1947, Else Weidt took over the management of the Workshop for the Blind. She died aged 72 on June 8, 1974.

Else and Otto Weidt