Themes/Employees in the Workshop

Employees in the Workshop

33 Jewish people who worked in Otto Weidt’s Workshop for the Blind from 1940 to 1945 are known by name. The “Deployment Office for Jews” had placed them there as forced laborers. Otto Weidt protected them, got hold of food for them, and gave them advice and support. Only seven of them survived – through marriages to a non-Jewish partner, in hiding, or in concentration camps.

There are varying degrees of information about these people and their lives. In many cases all that remains are facts on the date of birth, family status, place of residence and deportation. The sources for this information are the property declarations that persecuted Jews had to fill out before their deportation, and Gestapo deportation lists. But these data give no idea of what really happened to the people.

Using documents such as family photos, letters, and poems that we have received from survivors and the descendants of those who survived and were murdered, we can give a more detailed picture of a few of their life stories.


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Group photo of the workers. Source: MBOW
Group photo of the workers